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# Cypress demo
![Alt text](img/pyramid.png?raw=true "Cypress automation testing pyramid")
Let me introduce you our Cypress Automation Framework for unit, component, integration, api and e2e regression tests we are inventing as a presentation of our automation skills. 
Our framework is universal and easy configurable.
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Jobs are run in parallel. We can add more jobs with different configuration here.
![Alt text](img/pipeline.png?raw=true "CI/CD pipeline")
## Reports
You can download HTML report including videos of failed tests from jobs artifacts.
![Alt text](img/report.png?raw=true "Cypress Mochawesome HTML report")
## Cypress dashboard (sorry-cypress)
In our repo we have predefined configuration for [sorry-cypress dashboard]( which is a very interesting plugin in cypress community for live monitoring of executed test suites.
![Alt text](img/sorry.png?raw=true "Cypress dashboard")
![Alt text](img/sory2.png?raw=true "Cypress dashboard")
## Code Coverage
The react app is instumented by us, so it allows us to properly follow the code coverage of it. You can download code coverage reports from job artifacts.
![Alt text](img/codecoverage.png?raw=true "Cypress code coverage of app")
## Installation
Use the npm to install all dependencies
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